Pay Per Click Management

Optimized Image excels at Pay Per Click Management (PPC) by combining our expertise in SEO and understanding of user needs we can manage any account big or small. With PPC it’s simply a matter of discovering the best keywords and making your content super relevant towards those keywords… very similar to SEO. In fact the two go hand in hand with PPC often leading most SEO and Social Media strategies because the marketing technique allows you to precisely test and measure different keywords, ad text, and landing pages in a controlled manner.

PPC management (Google Adwords is PPC) involves an understanding of user behavior, search engine algorithms, web design, SEO, content creation and editing, and essentially the entire gamut of internet marketing methodologies. Choosing the proper PPC shop or individual for your firm is not and never should be about price; instead you should look for fit with your team, understanding of the goals, and experience.

From locally targeted campaigns to national reach we work to generate the desired goals of your company. Depending upon your brand, product, and desires we can customize the campaign to meet your needs.

  • How does locally targeting your ads and keywords impact the bounce rate and call to action?
  • What is the best mix of keywords to get great traffic for a reasonable cost?
  • Why are your goals not aligned with those of Google? (hint they need to grow revenue = getting advertisers are pushed to spend more $)

The personal touch your campaign needs at a price that can not be beat. All PPC campaigns are managed on a flat fee basis dependent upon your overall goals, reporting requirements, and history (ie are we taking over an existing account, creating a new one, helping plan a huge product launch, etc) Contact us now to schedule a free consultation to discover how Optimized Image can help your business perform better with Pay Per Click.