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    Local SEO

    Optimized Image pioneered the art of local optimization. The service provides local businesses and professionals a presence on internet search engines that, when setup properly, will lead to top of search result placement.

    Optimized Image will:

    • Submit the listing to the major local search directories
    • Optimize the listings to rank higher on local search directories
    • Monitor and post customer reviews

    Our clients have experienced significant success with this marketing tactic.

    Local listing optimization is not a click generator rather it is a local optimization service that creates an impression of professionalism and quality. Consumers often believe, and our clients have found this to be true, that the top result must be the best in the business. This increased perception of quality results in higher quality leads for your local business. Local listing service can get you to the top.

    How Does It Work

    It all starts with Google; Google is constantly improving their search algorithm to return web results that are relevant and topical to user searches. As the internet has grown users have turned to the search engine for information on local businesses ranging the gamut of all business types. To this end Google has worked to provide more relevant results to these end-users.

    Unfortunately for Google their information backbone in regards to local businesses is very weak. This weakness leads to improper placements, out of date results, and, in our case, an opportunity. By properly formatting, submitting, and optimizing your business information Optimized Image is able to ensure that your business eventually returns at or near the top of relevant local searches.

    Optimized Image makes your business relevant for YOUR local search terms. Our experts have developed and are constantly refining our processes to ensure that Google views our clients’ businesses as the best choice for a particular search. We do not use gimmicks and we do not cheat the system. We simply provide Google with information on your business in a format and channel that makes it easy for their algorithms to view you as the best choice.

    Directories Covered

    Almost 90% of internet searches are handled by Yahoo and Google; therefore we view the most important local directories for our clients to be Google Places and Yahoo! Local.

    In addition to these two directories we also update a number of other local directories. Due to the proprietary nature of our service and the competitive nature of our market we can not list all local directories updated since some do impact the local optimization results.

    Pricing starts at $299 setup and $199/ month

    What Does it Look Like

    Google Places listings are now melded into local results in a seamless and invisible manner. An easy example is to search “restaurant, your city name” in Google. The results with a little “A”, “B”, or “C” icon matching a place on the Google map is a local listing. Now perform that same search for your business and you will see how local impacts the actions of your potential customers.

    About Our Quality

    Optimized Image has built our business on emphatic customer referrals. We do not market, advertise, or cold call for new clients. As a leading provider of LSEO services our business has grown organically due to our no-nonsense approach and straight shooter candor. Discover a different type of internet marketing firm by contacting Optimized Image today.

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